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We are an ambitious sailing family of five.

For a couple of years, we love to sail as a family and we are having fun while sportsailing on the lake but also when we are cruising on the Sea.

Our goal is, to inspire our audience and subscribers with our posts and to make them feel like doing a sailing vacation (as a family) too.

And the best thing: all of the posts and videos, the management of our channel and the website are done by us, the kids!

If you discovered us via this website and want to see(a) more, we recommend to check out our videos on Youtube:


The best way to connect with us is to write an e-mail to or to just write a comment under one of our videos.

If you have Instagram, you can also send us a direct message.


With the Bente on Lake Constance. What a wonderful evening!

We are looking at our boat. Who would have thought, it will be our boat someday!

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